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  • Newark, DE 19711
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  • FAX: 302-368-9729

Vance A. Funk III began practicing real estate law in 1968 after graduating from the prestigious Washington & Lee School of Law.  After two years of active military service, including a year in Vietnam (1970), he returned to his real estate practice at Potter Anderson & Corroon.  He opened their first satellite office in Newark, DE in 1973 and has maintained his law practice in Newark ever since.

Over the past 40 years, Vance has been involved in over 45,000 settlements.

You become a client, but you quickly realize you build a special relationship when you select our firm.  When clients speak of Vance, it is amazing how many use the word “friend” in the same sentence.

Why?  The office is a family.  Vance attracts quality staff.  Linda Davison has been with Vance since 1973 and Patty Muellenberg has been with Vance since 1978.  They are recognized as quality real estate paralegals and are leaders in their field.  Vance A. Funk IV, Vance’s son, is also a real estate attorney, having graduated from Widener School of Law in 1999.

Why should you become our client?

  • Outstanding Service
  • Personal Attention
  • Experience
  • Reasonable Fees – Compare and you will be surprised
  • Commitment to the community – Vance is the Mayor of the City of Newark, accepting only $1.00 a year for a token salary